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Who Is Richer Now?

Who Is Richer Now? is a game about how you as an individual goeas about making financial decicions. The important thing about a financial decision is where does it leave you financially? Are you richer or poorer than you were before you made that decisons.
Your current financial status is a cummulative Score Card of the good and bad decisions you have made in the past in regard to your finances.
You must be thinking, this guy has to be crazy to be telling me about my financial decisions. Well you know am right, whether you admit it or not is up to you.
Either way am not here to question the validity of you financial decisions. The idea of who is richer now was hatched when I tried to evaluate my financial score card so far and I would like to share it with anyone willing to play along.
If your financial situation is bad, you can fix it. If it is good, you can make it better. Most importantly, at the end of the game your decision making abilities should be better than when you started. It's easier and safer to goof around in the game because nobody gets hurt and no real money is lost. You goof around your finances in real life and you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
By playing Who Is Richer Now? you will get to learn a lot about the financial world, such as:
Learn how to evaluate different business opportunities and pick the one that will gain you more money.
Learn how to balance your cheque book.
Learn how to pay off your debt.
Learn how to save for a rainy day.
Learn how to invest wisely.
Learn how to make a financial decison and not feel like you might be wrong.
Learn how to mitigate risk involved in investments.
Learn how to plan and manage you finances.
Learn how to get out of the rat race.
Learn how to educate your kids on how to manage their finances.
Learn how to have fun on matters related to money.
Learn how to meet like minded entrepreneurs.
Learn how to play Who Is Richer Now?
Remember your scores will be maintained for life and will only change depending on your financial decisions adn activities. Your score remains private and can only be viewed by others if you choose to share it. what that means is that you can simulate the decisions that you are facing in real life right here in the game and be able to see the consquences of the decisions you plan to make.
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